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Adventure Local ( Advlo ) connects travelers with authentic local adventures around the world. Local adventure guides are empowered by having access to a global market of travelers and are able to easily upload, showcase, and sell their adventure activities.

InTouch Logo


InTouch allows private secure communication & tracking of a single user or a group. We are targeting the tourism & travel industry as well as student education camps.



Recruiting solutions using Big data, Machine Learning, and Crowdsourcing, helping companies hire talent they need through sources they trust. JobRangers is helping pinpoint and widen the base of eligible candidates for the appropriate opportunities while assisting companies hire based on data driven facts.

Lifestyle Rewired

Redefining Healthy Aging through lifestyle. Our science-based methodology jump-starts you onto a healthy trajectory for your brain and body that can last a lifetime. We offer self-audits and profiles for brain health, live Immersion Travel Programs in locations that model near zero rates of dementia, and offer web based programs that promote brain health for 50+ year olds.



Bringing senior communities together to promote fun, wellness and healthy behavior as a new approach to reducing the cost and inefficiency of the current healthcare system.


Selly Automotive

Selly Automotive is disrupting the $4 billion dollar automotive software market with its sales platform for both the automotive sales person and auto dealerships.