Blue Startups Cohort #5


Benjamin, CandyBAR®, Freshr, Huedoku, Paperplane, TotalGDS, Ujoin, and VRCHIVE.






benjamin is a mobile app that gives the user targeted deals and sixty seconds to decide whether to buy or pass.


CandyBAR® is a custom-branded mobile app platform that improves events, tourism and civic pride using the most accurate and accessible mobile technology that betterengages users and deepens brand participation.


Freshr is creating an open market for small- to mid-sized sustainable fisheries to sell to and brand themselves in B2B or B2C markets.


Huedoku is pioneering the understanding and enhancement of perception and aesthetic. First product is a therapeutic and addictive color puzzle.


Paperplane is an artificial intelligence powered travel planning platform that automatically plan trips for travelers.


TotalGDS is a travel activity B2B reservation system. It specializes in China’s FIT and online booking markets. 


Ujoin is the only do-it-yourself advocacy platform on the market. This white label service builds email lists, communicates with politicians, mines data, and passes laws.


VRCHIVE is a virtual reality company. Our Goal is to enable casual users the ability to experience and share VR content seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Blue Startups Cohort #4

Selly Automotive , Adventure Local, Beekley, InTouch, JobRangers, Lifestyle Rewired, Lilikoi, Sagely, TipTopHealth, and VRchive.





Adventure Local ( Advlo ) connects travelers with authentic local adventures around the world. Local adventure guides are empowered by having access to a global market of travelers and are able to easily upload, showcase, and sell their adventure activities.


Affinium is a messaging platform for hotels to interact with guests in their smartphones without installing an app.  With Affinium’s Software-as-a-service text messaging service, hotels can engage with guests for common functions such as front desk, concierge, and valet, and can even offer digital coupons to VIP guests.


InTouch allows private secure communication & tracking of a single user or a group. We are targeting the tourism & travel industry as well as student education camps.


Recruiting solutions using Big data, Machine Learning, and Crowdsourcing, helping companies hire talent they need through sources they trust. JobRangers is helping pinpoint and widen the base of eligible candidates for the appropriate opportunities while assisting companies hire based on data driven facts.


Lifestyle Rewired

Redefining Healthy Aging through lifestyle. Our science-based methodology jump-starts you onto a healthy trajectory for your brain and body that can last a lifetime. We offer self-audits and profiles for brain health, live Immersion Travel Programs in locations that model near zero rates of dementia, and offer web based programs that promote brain health for 50+ year olds.


Lilikoi delivers information to locations using iBeacon technology. Our iOS app will allow you to walk into any venue, and have automatic access to relevant information.


Bringing senior communities together to promote fun, wellness and healthy behavior as a new approach to reducing the cost and inefficiency of the current healthcare system.

Selly Automotive

Selly Automotive is disrupting the $4 billion dollar automotive software market with its sales platform for both the automotive sales person and auto dealerships.

Tiptop Health

A patient analytics and marketing solution which helps providers increase patient retention and acquisition through intelligent and relevant communications. The solution results in increased practice revenue as well as patient satisfaction.

Blue Startups Cohort #3

Comprendio, Cultur, Ingollow, JUICIES, Quic,

FOCUS OPUS, Vantage Sports & YURU.


Comprendio is a proven competency accelerator that can identify, align, and close any knowledge gap with cutting edge tech and real-time learning metrics.


Cultur is an interactive social event App that allows you to search, experience and share any activity in real time. We tell you where everyone is at and give you the information that matters to you.


FOCUS OPUS helps small businesses and students increase their productivity and improve their quality of life based on award-winning methods.


Ingollow (in/gō/lō), Travel Like A Local! What is ingollow? Ingollow is a community-driven discovery travel app focused on helping customers and businesses in a geographic area connect in real time.


JUICIES designs power solutions for mobile devices. We started with a simple cable. Now we are aiming for the global mobile device power market.


Quic provides an all-in-one media dashboard to manage, display, and search all media content real-time.

Vantage Sports

New Data. New Statistics. Actionable Insights. We bring insights to players, teams and fans through our groundbreaking data.


Yuru delivers helpful, instant, crowdsourced advice for all your daily questions. Privacy is up to you: ask and share publicly or anonymously. Enjoy fun features, quick polling, and rewards for giving great advice that people love.

Blue Startups Cohort #2

GIBI, Happy Hour Pal, LiveSift, Ridify,
SEE/RESCUE, Workers On Call & XMAP.


Gibi is developing a pet GPS location service to help people quickly, accurately, and reliably find their missing pets by simply attaching a Gibi device to their pets collar and pressing a button on Gibi’s app to see  their pets exact GPS location on a Google map.

Happy Hour Pal

Happy Hour Pal, co-founded by Carey and Brandon Bennett of Honolulu,  is a website and mobile application service that markets happy hour promotions to the right people at the right time.


LiveSift co introduces, an easy to use collaborative technology  making meetings and events more engaging, efficient and productive.  Participants use their own internet connected devices to contribute to  group tasks like brainstorming, evaluation and prioritization.


Ritify is simplifying the archaic and arduous process of memory preservation. Under the direct mentorship of Tetris entrepreneur Henk  Rogers, Ritify is developing an interactive photo viewer allowing users to digitally archive their memoirs.


eSEE/RESCUE is the world e-commerce/consumer distributor of the U.S.Military-approved and Internationally-adopted SEE/RESCUE STREAMER emergency signaling technology for persons lost at sea or on land.

Workers On Call

Workers On Call is an on-demand freelancer marketplace with disruptively fast hiring. Workers are seamlessly matched with employers  by skill and availability. Employers can start projects in 30 minutes or less!


XMAP is a treasure hunt all by itself. Players look for a physical card hidden in real life locations (such as a public park) in order to win real  money. The participant solves a series of puzzles to pinpoint the prize location.

Blue Startups Cohort #1

FlowWater, Minded Gifts, Pharmly, SurroundsMe, Tealet,

Tow Choice, Wicked Loot, and Volta.



FloWater was founded in 2011 by a young environmental entrepreneur, Wyatt Taubman. While at college, Taubman learned of the plastic water bottle pollution crisis that we all face globally and felt compelled to do  something about it. How to keep people from reaching for more water  bottles? Provide a better alternative – easily accessible, premium 7X  purified, oxygenated, and mineral enhanced reusable water bottle Refill  Stations. The concept of FloWater was born.

Minded Gifts

co-founded by Mark and Tiffany Quezada of Honolulu, aims to create a suite of applications (apps) to give people the tools they need to be more thoughtful within their social circles. Minded Gifts keeps track of important events like birthdays or anniversaries and provides tailored gift suggestions according to a person’s profile.


Pharmly is the first software of its kind directed at the pharmaceutical industry to combat drug shortages. It is a reverse bidding platform that allows healthcare facilities to request bids from vendors for all pharmaceutical needs. Pharmly is designed to drive down healthcare costs and foster small business through competitive bidding process.


Honolulu-based, SurroundsMe automates social media marketing, turning loyal customers into advocates and online content creators for businesses. Led by Ann Boots, chief marketer, and Rob Bertholf chief software architect, SurroundsMe, uses an online platform connecting brands with their constituents to engage in social media.


founded by Elyse Peterson of Honolulu, is a direct-from-grower e-commerce marketplace that allows US tea drinkers to connect with
tea growers from around the world. Tealet curates tea for drinkers with the Global Tea Taster subscription service allowing drinkers to learn more  about and purchase their favorite teas in the marketplace.

Tow Choice

Dave Kozuki and Robert Chang of Honolulu are co-founders of Tow Choice. Using an instant bidding platform, Tow Choice will eliminate the costs and inefficiencies of tow truck dispatch centers using mobile and instant bidding technologies. For more information visit:

Wicked Loot

Wicked Loot, a game development studio, addresses the core gaming market for mobile by making games that feature content generated by the users themselves. From Redwood City, CA, team members include John Lee, game designer, Craig Cerceo, lead programmer, and Shouguo Li, backend engineer.


Volta, founded by Scott Mercer of Honolulu, provides electric vehicle charging stations to major metropolitan areas and commercial sites. Volta partners with commercial site owners providing charging stations and installation and a split of advertising revenue.

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