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FloWater was founded in 2011 by a young environmental entrepreneur, Wyatt Taubman. While at college, Taubman learned of the plastic water bottle pollution crisis that we all face globally and felt compelled to do  something about it. How to keep people from reaching for more water  bottles? Provide a better alternative – easily accessible, premium 7X  purified, oxygenated, and mineral enhanced reusable water bottle Refill  Stations. The concept of FloWater was born.


Honolulu-based, SurroundsMe automates social media marketing, turning loyal customers into advocates and online content creators for businesses. Led by Ann Boots, chief marketer, and Rob Bertholf chief software architect, SurroundsMe, uses an online platform connecting brands with their constituents to engage in social media.


Founded by Elyse Peterson of Honolulu, is a direct-from-grower e-commerce marketplace that allows US tea drinkers to connect with tea growers from around the world. Tealet curates tea for drinkers with the Global Tea Taster subscription service allowing drinkers to learn more  about and purchase their favorite teas in the marketplace.

Tow Choice

Dave Kozuki and Robert Chang of Honolulu are co-founders of Tow Choice. Using an instant bidding platform, Tow Choice will eliminate the costs and inefficiencies of tow truck dispatch centers using mobile and instant bidding technologies.


Volta, founded by Scott Mercer of Honolulu, provides electric vehicle charging stations to major metropolitan areas and commercial sites. Volta partners with commercial site owners providing charging stations and installation and a split of advertising revenue.