Cohort 4


Adventure Local ( Advlo ) connects travelers with authentic local adventures around the world. Local adventure guides are empowered by having access to a global market of travelers and are able to easily upload, showcase, and sell their adventure activities.


Bringing senior communities together to promote fun, wellness and healthy behavior as a new approach to reducing the cost and inefficiency of the current healthcare system.

Selly Automotive

Selly Automotive is disrupting the $4 billion dollar automotive software market with its sales platform for both the automotive sales person and auto dealerships.



Redefining Healthy Aging through lifestyle. Our science-based methodology jump-starts you onto a healthy trajectory for your brain and body that can last a lifetime. We offer self-audits and profiles for brain health, live Immersion Travel Programs in locations that model near zero rates of dementia, and offer web based programs that promote brain health for 50+ year olds.