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Exploring the treacherous waters of entrepreneurship can be frightening, but who said you had to go it alone? Let Blue Startups be your guide.  Learn More

Do you have a billion-dollar idea?

If so, we’d like to invest in it. Blue Startups is a Honolulu-based venture accelerator founded by Henk Rogers. Blue Startups invests and provides hands-on mentorship to capital-efficient and scalable-technology companies, including Internet, software, mobile, gaming and e-commerce. All companies entering the Blue Startups program will receive $20,000 as an upfront investment.

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We surround you with a network of more than 70 mentors and experts to help you navigate and stay afloat.
Our mentor network is global, reaching from Hawaii to Asia to Silicon Valley. Our premise is that people make innovation happen, that growth follows effective execution, and that sustained success will require access to global resources


For twelve weeks, we put you through an intensive learning program, to help you gain the momentum to succeed.

Blue Startups will increase the number of talented entrepreneurs and high-growth companies in Hawaii, creating quality jobs and sustainable economic growth.

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