Cohort 10


dataPlor partners with global companies to succeed in emerging markets by delivering high quality data intelligence – $130b opportunity. They have developed a proprietary platform for managing a reliable “boots on the ground” contractor team that performs data verification, data augmentation, and CPG market research on local businesses and destinations at scale.


Immersely is a proprietary ad technology which enables seemless integration of advertising and product placement campaigns in videogames. Similar to green screen technology used in movies, brands can now benefit from having targeted 3D product placement in videogames with ease. The team is led by former BlackRock, Celtra and Facebook professionals.


Pixery® is a micro-brand platform for creators to easily get paid. Theyl provide influencers with an easy path to create upscale merchandise and ways to monetize their micro-brand. Pixery enables creatives to make a sustainable living by building the largest marketplace for social good.

Scholars App

Scholars App is a platform for scholarship providers to track, manage, and receive more qualified and completed applications. 93% of High Schools in Hawaii have signed up and our donors gave out $100k+ more scholarship money after using our website. Our mission is to send 1 million more students to college by 2025.

Shaka Guide

Shaka Guide is like having a tour guide in your car! Listen to stories, legends, history and what to do and see, at the right place and time.It delivers guided-tour experiences like human tour guides but with all the benefits of mobile apps: on-demand, mobile, GPS-powered, personal and consistent quality.


StreamFluence operates a marketing platform that allows brands to connect with content creators around the world. StreamFluence’s network of influencers paired with proprietary matching technology allows brands to easily target and engage audiences around the world.


TurnoverBnB is an online SaaS platform that helps vacation rental hosts by offering hosts free software to schedule and manage cleaning. In addition, TurnoverBnB also provide a marketplace that allows hosts to find local cleaners for their short-term rental cleaning.


Vroom Delivery

Vroom Delivery is an online platform for convenience and liquor stores, markets, and other businesses that do on-demand alcohol and food delivery. Vroom Delivery is the only eCommerce solution for the $233B convenience store industry.